Thursday, September 24, 2009

Unitech Groups (Builders) - The Real Story..

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This blog will help society to keep all the peoples updated about the issues with the Unitech housing projects in Greater Noida and other projects in India.

Please check the below and read it carefully before investing in Unitech Projects in India


Before click the Unitech link ( ).

== Customer Complaints: ==

'''UniWorld City - CAPELLA Project'''

CAPELLA is the Unitech Housing project initiated around Year 2006-2007 under the big name "UniWorld City" in Greater Noida.

This Project is located in MU-Sector, Greater Noida Uttar Pradesh, India. This location is comes under the NCR Delhi region.

This project is not started yet (September 2010), Cutomers those booked the apartment in 2007 is still struggling with Untech Ltd.

I was also one of the Victim by Unitech Ltd Since from the starting of 2008.

Unitech is not given any satisfactory reply to Customers in regards of project starting dates etc.. Till now CAPELLA Project is on hold by the Unitech Ltd and its looks they do not have any plan to start this project in couple of months. Customers are trying to Cancel there apartment but Unitech will indirectly deny to Cancel and refund any amount by saying the below line.

"Send the apartment cancellation application to Unitech , they will discuss your case in board of directors meeting to decide for your apratment cancellation."

Believe me I persoannly send two letters/application to Unitech in four months but not a single acknoledgment comes from Unitech side and also called (phone) 100 of times to them and talked different different Unitech peoples but I get some time the same reply and sometimes I got the different reply like "work started one month before the work was stopped". But in truth, there is no change in status and no construction is in progress till now (Sep-2009).

Currently some of the people are trying to unite to fight legally against the Unitech Ltd to get there money back. You will get more information about Unitech CAPELLA project by joining the "unitech-capella-owners" in google groups.

Following is the procedure to get membership to unitech-capella-owners.

1. Go to

2. On the top of the google groups window, Type, unitech-capella-owners and click search

3. You will see the group as the first link in the search... Click on the link.

4. Click on "Sign in and apply for membership"

5. Log in to your google account (If you do not have one, you need to create a new account) and apply for group membership...

'''''Please see the below links, you''''' will know all about frustration of the current Unitech CAPELLA project customers and other Unitech customers.

1. All about Unitech CAPELLA Complaints -

2. All About Unitech Complaints -

3. Please join the "unitech-capella-owners" group to update us and share your views.

Please register your complaints on the page

It will encourage everyone and help to understand the customer rights and fight against with companies for the customer rights.

If you have any information about Unitech, please share it with all Unitech Society, you can share the information in two below ways.

(a). You can contact on the "unitech-capella-owners" google group.

(b). You can send an e-mail to (

''So I decided to start this kind of blog and I am really looking for the favor from all of you to participate and build the e-team to help society in spreading the true facts to Indian Society and also help to increase the customer awareness.''